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Investing to Save Lives: An Impact Investment Case for Preventing Road Trauma

22 September 2016

Governments, insurers and service providers all stand to benefit from savings in future health costs if spending is directed to prevention of road trauma. New analysis shows that investing early to prevent injury can deliver real financial dividends as well as saving lives. In addition to the direct savings to be made there are significant additional social and economic benefits of prevention. This paves the way forward for a fresh assessment of the benefits of stronger road safety measures and budgeting for road safety implementation and enforcement.

‘Investing to Save Lives: An impact investment case for preventing road trauma’, make a compelling case for strategic investment in preventative road safety measures. The case studies are drawn from road safety programmes in Australia and Cambodia. They detail astronomical health costs resulting from road trauma in high income countries, and the hidden costs borne by families in low income countries with limited access to health services, insurance protection or welfare.


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