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As the needs of communities change and financial pressures grow, health and care services are looking for radical responses. In particular we need to develop new community, primary care and preventative services. At Social Finance, we help develop partnerships to design,invest in and deliver better models of care.

We are currently working across a number of issue areas to help develop and implement new models of care. These include better end of life care, enhancing primary care, integrating health and employment support, preventing ill health by addressing loneliness and establishing alternatives to residential care for those with learning and physical disabilities.

We have developed a number of service improvement platforms to bring together clincal, operational and financial capacity, such as Health and Employment Partnerships

As part of our approach, we mange two investment funds - the £12m Care and Wellbeing Fund  to develop and scale new and existing community care services for people affected by cancer and other long term conditions; and the £1.1m Shared Lives Incubator Fund to support the expansion of Shared Lives schemes across the UK which offer personalised, high quality care for adults with learning disabilities and other needs.

A closer look

Supporting the development of community based population health systems 
The End of Life Care Incubator provides development support and upfront investment to support the development and delivery of improved community-based end of life care services.
The Care and Wellbeing fund is a £12 million fund from Macmillan and Big Society Capital to invest in new models of care for those living with cancer
The Mental Health and Employment Social Impact Bond works in five areas to help people with severe mental health issues back into work
Reconnections supports elderly and lonely people in Worcestershire
The health and well being outcomes of Shared Lives are well documented & evidenced. Despite this, growth of Shared Lives has been slow and it remains a sadly under-utilised form of care
Increasing awareness of the effects of loneliness on older people has catalysed new ways of thinking about...